The Integration Development  Standardization and Accreditation iDiS-EU (IDS&A), is a non-profit association for Industrial standardization and metering specifications. IDS&A works with affiliates called 'standards writing Allied' that represent a Smart Power grid sectors in standardizing and participate in the development of such standards and specification.

iDS&A, iDIS&A as a managing director of the standard writing Allied, responsible in the fields of standardization Including but not limited to of Metering Management Systems (MMS), Metering Specifications Interoperability (MSI) and the open protocols standardization of  AMR/AMI systems as part of smart grid infrastructure.

The alliance includes a high level of competencies and experts in the characterization, standardization, accreditation and Utility solutions as well as the industry-leading manufacturers of smart devices and smart meters and solutions of communication technologies for the Intelligent Power Grid

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Interconnecting the world for a better living: standardization supports the Intelligent Power Grid (Smart Grid) industries and AMR and AMI systems.
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